“The party’s over-BP scaling back”

Earlier this week British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward walked away from the Gulf oil spill. He then walked straight into another high-level job with the company, getting a reported $18 million for his troubles. Now the parent company BP is turning its back to the Gulf by scaling back operations before they have cleaned up their mess. Clean up means different things to different people.

Walking away when things get tough isn’t unusual these days. Don’t let our officials forget. The Gulf oil spill shined an ugly light on our nation’s dependence on polluting fossil fuels and corporate oil.

Keep America moving to a clean-energy future by requiring companies to produce more renewable energy like wind, solar and geothermal Time is running out for a real debate this election year, opponents are happy to walk away!

Don’t let them! Donate now so we can keep on the pressure this year for real clean energy!

Don’t let 41 votes block clean energy from moving forward this year in the Senate, leaders didn’t have enough support to bring renewable energy and pollution limits to the floor.

Instead, Senators will consider a scaled-down bill to hold polluters like BP accountable for damages; increase oversight of off-shore drilling; require disclosure of dangerous chemicals used in natural gas extraction; help fund home-energy efficiency; and encourage more electric and natural gas-powered vehicles through tax credits.

It’s a good first step. But even this bill is in danger of not passing.

We need to urge Senators to work together on this bill, and keep pushing them to work for renewable, clean energy standards. Your donation will help us generate thousands of phone calls from hometown voters into Senate offices to show consumers want a clean-energy future!

Help pass a real clean-energy plan by giving what you can today.

Thank you for your support! And if you can’t give, please forward this to others you know. Consumers can have immense power when we join together to demand access to energy that is safe, reliable, affordable and clean!

Consumers Union Action Fund, Inc.
506 W. 14th Street, Suite A
Austin, TX  78701


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