“Polar bears win one -now after big oil”

The ruling is a huge victory for polar bears, bowhead whales, other Arctic wildlife and tens of thousands of NRDC supporters like you who enabled us to go to court and fight off Big Oil’s planned invasion of this sensitive habitat.
A federal court has just halted oil and gas companies from moving ahead with drilling operations in

We win a big one!

millions of acres spanning Alaska’s Chukchi Sea  one of our nation’s two “Polar Bear Seas.

Beginning with the Bush administration a massive sell of drilling rights in the Chukchi Sea was initiated, opening the door for a oil rush into the heart of the bear’s melting sea ice habitat.

 NRDC, The Center for Biological Diversity, EarthJustice and Alaska Native groups and other conservationists sued.
A federal judge has agreed  has put a hold on the sale of rights and told the Obama administration to get a more science-based approach to protecting America’s endangered Arctic. Don’t let the Gulf spill happen again in Alaska.

It could be catastrophic for polar bears and other wildlife.

The oil industry has no technology for cleaning up oil in broken sea ice — one of the main places where polar bears search for food. And oil-covered polar bears have almost no chance of

First and foremost, we are still waging our legal fight to stop the Shell oil company from drilling off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Beaufort Sea — the second of the two Polar Bear Seas.
We will continue fighting Shell and any other company that targets the polar bear’s home for P.S. If you want to help build on the momentum of this victory, please make a special donation today that will enable us to carry the fight to Shell and other oil companies that threaten the polar bear’s home.

“Thank you” from the wildlife in Alaska, Mother Nature, NC and all the environmental groups and individuals involved.

Excerpts courtesy of   NRDC.com

Image courtesy of  http://bit.ly/dosAyR


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