“Greenpeace ups pressure the Japanese to probe graft in whaling program”

Graft and embezzlement in Japan’s taxpayers’ state-funded whaling program is the target in the GreenPeace environmental campaign to raise awareness and help the Japanese people end its Antarctic whaling, which is carried out in the name of science under a loophole to a 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling that allows lethal research.

Activists Junichi Sato, 33, and Toru Suzuki, 43, were Monday convicted by the Aomori district court and handed suspended one-year jail terms (which is under appeal) for stealing a box of salted whale meat from a courier depot more than two years ago.

Greenpeace says the two acted after a tip-off from a veteran whaler who said meat from the ostensibly scientific whaling tours was being illegally sent to whalers, as well as to politicians and officials, for consumption.

Failure to stop this corruption and end whaling for “scientific purposes” by the Japanese government will continue to damage Japan’s reputation around the world.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.terradaily.com


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