” 3rd AzBizGreen Conference-Making Green profitable “

Registration fees waived

AzBizGreen “Connecting Green to the Community for Profit and Sustainability”

3rd AzBizGreen Conference- Making Green profitable

expert speakers, elected officials and entrepreneurs from all over Arizona and from across the country to discuss the various ways going green can be profitable for individuals, neighborhoods and businesses.

“This conference is a vital link between members of the community and expert practitioners in the field of sustainability,” said Alika Kumar, Arizona Minority Business Enterprise Center director, an event organizer. “We recognize that the economy’s impact on many entrepreneurs and families has created an environment where reducing costs is of utmost importance. To increase accessibility to the valuable information presented at AzBizGreen, registration is being waived. In the long run, we all profit from knowing more about sustainable practices.”

Date: Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010,
Location: Glendale Civic Center.Glendale, AZ.

Developed by the Arizona Minority Business Enterprise Center, Southwest Green Magazine and Bill Clay   Design Studio, will cover a variety of topics related to sustainable business and community practices.

Conference keynote speaker Chris Prelitz, president of New Leaf America, is a successful designer and builder of green homes and high performance buildings. Prelitz is an expert in the field of sustainability and the author of Green Made Easy and The Hybrid House.

Everyone contributes to sustainability

Goal: Learn how it can save utility costs and improve our environment and bring them a higher quality of life. Someone once told me that they did not believe in global warming.
Increase Your Understanding + skills
Choose the conference track most interesting to you:
Green and the Government
Green and your Business
Green in the Neighborhood and Mixed Greens.

Speakers include representatives from Arizona Corporation Commission, Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona, New Leaf America, A.K.A. Green, Roosevelt School District, Southwest Green Magazine, Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce and The 3000 Club. Topics will range from greening up a lifestyle, home or business to Phoenix Green Rail opportunities, Arizona’s solar power industry, job training and jobs opportunities created by the sustainability market.

For more information contact: The Arizona Minority Business Enterprise Center at (602) 248-0007
To Register: http://azmbec.com/AzBizGreen_2010.html

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