“The dancing bears of India-many ways to spell abuse”

Would you allow your dog to be treated like ?
How many ways can a dancing bear be tortured?

The endangered Asian Sloth Bear is traded, traumatized cubs are ripped from their mother’s care at a young age, chopped up for gallbladder and teeth trade,kept in mussel chains, carted from city to town to dance for tourist dollars. Now you think you are having a bad day.
This little stolen cub will in it’s first year of life on the road will undergoes two or more nose piercings and its canine teeth removed in a painful barbaric and primitive manner.

The actual capture and transportation can often be over hundreds of miles, in conditions of
deprivation and dirt, and consequently there is a high mortality rate.

The cub is now ready for training through pain, fear and brutality.

The rest of its life as a dancing bear is often changes captors and is danced in a vast variety of climates and terrain’s. Feed an unnatural and deprived diet.when it isn’t dancing, spends much of its life tethered to a short three or four feet rope in filthy conditions.

The actual hunting and poaching of the bear cub not only has caused a decline in the bear population in the wild but also encourages the steady destruction of the eco-system and its habitat in India, and in fact leads to ever increasing deadly encounters between bear and manin the wild, which has not yet been fully documented, but we are certain it has a role to play in the increasing sloth bear aggression.

How can you help Wildlife SOS save these innocent bears?

The Sloth bear is Dancing bear of India. To see a video click here.

Resources courtesy of Wildlife SOS and YouTube.

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