“Origins of a miracle to save Gulf sea life”

The birth of a movement

Gulf Water safety Corexit is  still in use trying to hide the oil underwater in the water and wildlife. Oilspill isn’t gone Seafood isn’t safe Rally

Corexit needs to EXIT

“I decided if I wanted a miracle to save our coast, I’d join forces with 1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling And work to make it happen Lemonade 4 Wildlife is born. Now The Kids And I are Working Miracles!!!

Oilspill isn’t gone Seafood isn’t safe

Join us at Rally Shrimp Festival Weekend in Gulf Shores Alabama on October 8 – 9, 2010.

Come join us for our Health Forum Saturday evening in Orange Beach , Al. after our final Rally in Gulf Shores . Forum is where we’ll have our speakers explaining more in depth the health effects of the oilspill and Corexit 9527A.

Can anyone suggest how or who could help them get permits?

Looks like we’re gonna run into some serious permit issues so …

We’ve decided all of us will wear our own White T-shirt decorated with whatever message you want the world to hear about the safety of our waters , sand and seafood here along the Gulf Coast.We only ask that you keep it clean as we don’t want to offend only inform. We’ll be walking through the Shrimp Festival passing out flyers and posting them on cars. We will get our… message out and be heard. We’re still trying to set up a locatFacebookion to have our speakers and anyone else who’d like to share their story is Welcome (Please share in person or online at ). That information will be on the flyers we pass out . Please remember this is a work in progress and its getting bigger all the time.

Guardians of The Gulf are also working with us so a wanna send a special THANK YOU to them!!
This is an event geared towards raising public awareness that we’re being deceived by not only BP but our Government as well. They want the American Public to Believe the Oil is gone and the Gulf seafood, water, and beaches are safe. This couldn’t be farther from the truth Corexit still being used and we are all at risk.

While public officials and BP claim that dispersant use was halted in May for Corexit 9527A and on July 19 for Corexit 9500A, evidence collected by Gulf residents has shown that dispersants are being used in nearshore and inland waters, close to highly populated areas across the Gulf. Further, oil and the Corexit marker have been found in air and inland water.

Join us to try and change the perception of oil spill and its health effects.
Quoted from Facebook

People helping People create a safer world for us all.  Mother Nature thanks you.


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