“Western Wolves again a target”

Despite this summer’s ruling by a federal court to restore Endangered Species Act protections for Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies wolves, Wildlife Services agents are targeting hundreds of wolves in the region, including helpless pups in their dens.

Please take action now.

Urge President Obama’s head of the Department of Agriculture (which oversees Wildlife Services) to end the program’s plan to expand their wolf-killing role in Idaho.   Tell USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack we want wolves protected.


Excerpts courtesy of defendersofwildlife.org

Image courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders library

Wolf in crosshairs in Utah again

Speak out now.    Take action.

Thanks to a recent court ruling in our court fight for wolves, these magnificent animals are once more protected under the Endangered Species Act, but the Wildlife Services has decided to begin exterminating wolves in central Idaho. The agency wants to expand their wolf-killing operations, working with Idaho officials to kill up to 80 percent of the wolves in some areas.

Their plan also includes killing entire packs. Their plan includes using helicopters to chase down and kill wolves. And their plan includes gasing helpless wolf pups and their mothers in their dens, surgically sterilizing alpha wolf pairs and more.

Speak out now to stop the out-of-control wolf killing plan — before the government-sponsored killing starts.

The agency has other, more reasonable options. But rather than helping ranchers co-exist with wolves and other native wildlife with proven non-lethal techniques, Wildlife Services is expanding their role as the nation’s top wolf-killers and relying on the lethal approach that helped the program eliminate wild wolves in the Lower 48 United States during the 1940s.

Click here to help stop the federal Wildlife Services plan for killing more protected wolves in the Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies region.


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