“Creating a natural wonder at a former dump site”

Come out a lend a hand

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration
Sunday, October 24

Like to be out enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty? Want to make a difference?

Join in the monthly weed-and-clean project at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area,

It stretches for five miles along the Salt River just south of downtown Phoenix. Once a dump site, the area is now a lush riparian corridor that supports a variety of wildlife and recreation opportunities.

Snacks, drinks, gloves, and some tools provided. Join us for this fun, rewarding work!

For more information and to get involved, contact Steve Pawlowski at (602) 254-9330 or steve.pawlowski@sierraclub.org.

The Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area stretches along five miles of the Salt River just south of downtown Phoenix. The river itself once was subdued when dams were built upriver, and then languished as an industrial dumping ground.
We can right our wrongs to Mother Nature
Restoration included the removal of tons of garbage. Murals have replaced graffiti under the bridges, and visitors at the 2009 International Migratory Bird Day had the opportunity to contribute to painting one of the murals featuring native wildlife.
Now the area is a lush riparian corridor with five miles of paved and dirt trails dotted with unique design and user features along the river’s bank. 

Over 250 species of birds have been seen in Rio Salado’s varied habitats from wetland ponds to mesquite bosque to cottonwood/willow forest.

The area is accessible to everyone whether they choose to hike, bike, use a wheelchair, jog, horseback

Volunteer Opportunities at Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project
If you or your groups are interested in volunteering at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project, please e-mail rio.salado@phoenix.gov or call (602) 262-6863 or (602) 262-6713 (tty) with the following information: name, phone number, and days and times available.
Mailing List
If you would like to be on the “Friends of Rio Salado” mailing list, please call (602) 262-6863 or (602) 262-6713 (tty) with the following information: Last name, first name, mailing address, city, state, and zip code.  If you would prefer to receive information via e-mail, please contact us at rio.salado@phoenix.gov.


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