“Gulf Restoration Plan-Obama takes action”

The report recommends
Congress dedicate a large share of the Clean Water Act penalties be paid into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for use in future disasters.
Establishing of a Gulf Coast Recovery Council to administer the restoration funds. The Council would have a federal and state chair and consist of federal, state, tribal, and local representatives. The Council would coordinate its activities with the Natural Resources Damage Trustee Council. It would:

  • dedicate a portion of the Clean Water Act penalties directly to the states.
  • remove the liability cap for offshore oil drilling damages.
  • expected to develop a Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy by the Task Force within one year.

In the meantime

The President signed an Executive Order establishing a Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, chaired by Lisa Jackson. The Task Force will have federal agency representatives and a representative from each Gulf Coast state. If Congress establishes a Gulf Coast Recovery Council, the Task Force will be replaced by the Council.
The goal is to direct the long-term ecosystem restoration, health and human services recovery, economic recovery, and nonprofit sector recovery (because nonprofits have been hard hit by the multiple disasters in the Gulf).


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