“Will the endangered American bison only be seen on the nickel-stop the slaughter”

This iconic animal is America’s last true, wild bison.

They have survived the Ice Age, the bison massacres of the 1800s, but may not long endure the annual shameful treatment by ranchers

and especially state and federal agencies governing the care of  wild bison of Yellowstone National Park.

Saving American Bison

Help prevent the slaughter of Yellowstone bison.

Donate now to help us mobilize tens of thousands of caring people and convince federal officials to protect these iconic and majestic creatures.

Year after year the herd migrates out of Yellowstone park in search of food. At the end of winter the females will give birth, and since food is scarce un their summer breeding grounds they must find food to last through the winter.

And each year, farmers, ranchers and government officials haze them back into the park out of an exaggerated fear that these amazing animals may transmit disease to the area’s livestock.

Over 900 bison were slaughtered in 2005 – and over 1,600 in 2008!

Whenever the endangered Yellowstone bison herd gets much larger than 3,000, state and federal agencies kill them back in a twisted form of population control.

The latest bison count puts the herd at nearly 4,000, making these majestic animals particularly vulnerable this winter.

But this year can be different.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is preparing to mobilize tens of thousands of activists to help prevent the bison slaughter, reaching out to new online activist communities like Change.org, Care2 and The Animal Rescue Site to build support for an end to this shameful treatment of some of America’s most treasured wildlife.

We’re also helping to secure new habitat for Yellowstone’s bison, away from those who would see them killed.

With your support, we’ll work to save more of these imperiled animals by having them moved to more bison-friendly country on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap Indian Reservations – ensuring that America’s last true, wild bison are not isolated to Yellowstone while also helping these tribes achieve their goals to restore true, wild bison to tribal lands.

These efforts will cost money, and we’re looking to raise $20,000 by the end of the week to help launch our new campaign. Will you help us recruit new voices to prevent the Yellowstone bison slaughter and protect other wildlife?

Please donate now, so we can build a groundswell of support for Yellowstone’s bison and save these animals from slaughter.

Yellowstone’s remaining bison are a powerful reminder of the majesty of America’s natural treasures… and their history reminds us how easily our wildlife can be lost.

Please donate now and help save these amazing animals.


Excerpts courtesy of http://bit.ly/9ysWqE

Excerpts courtesy of    Donate to defenders.org

Image 1. bisonlove   http://bit.ly/9nimZw

Image 2.  bison+calf http://bit.ly/bPIrzU


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