“Victory 1-saving a critical piece of America’s Appalachian Mountains”

The Obama Administration and the EPA took a historic step last week toward protecting the people and waterways of Appalachia

by recommending the withdrawal of a permit for the largest mountaintop removal coal mine in Appalachia ever authorized, Spruce Mine No. 1.

In the history of the Clean Water Act, this could be the first veto of a project that previously received a permit.

Hooray- that’ such a critical first step victory for protection of the people, mountain ecology and the waterways.

We’ve come a long way– fighting for over a decade, standing with local leaders and organizers, through education and grassroots pressure, in the face of enormous opposition from Big Coal and industry lobbyists.

Friday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regional administrator, Shawn Garvin, has recommended that his agency veto the Clean Water Act permit for the Spruce No. 1 Mine in Logan County, West Virginia. The Spruce mine is one of the largest mountaintop removal mines ever proposed in Central Appalachia, and would result in the destruction of 2,278 acres of temperate rainforest and the burying of 7.5 miles of streams in the Spruce Fork sub-watershed.

Our work’s not done yet – we still need to get EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to take the final action to stop this and other mines.  But even this victory would not have been possible without the dedicated work of our members and supporters.

The Obama Administration and the EPA stepped up to the plate.  Spruce Mine No.1 would have severe impacts on the waters and the environment of local communities in West Virginia. The mine would bury more than seven miles of headwater streams and pollute water quality near the mine.
We are on our way to saving a critical piece of America’s Appalachian Mountains.  Together, we can make sure the EPA sees this through to the end and continues the push for the Obama administration to put clear, permanent solutions in place to protect Appalachia from irresponsible mining.

Support our fight to save Appalachia and transition from coal to clean energy.

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