“Avoid tuna and swordfish – toxic levels mercury”

This year mercury and other contaminants from Gulf tuna and swordfish are at an all time high levels according to the GotMercury.org Operation Safe Seafood project. The group has tested more than a 100 samples of supermarket tuna and swordfish for mercury levels across the country.

The mercury levels have been found in some samples to be

300% over federal mercury guidelines.

Do not eat tuna or swordfish.

Even the much consumed canned tuna has been found to contain high levels of mercury.  According to a new study, tuna accounts for over one-third of mercury exposure in the United States. To learn more please read the Operation Safe Seafood reports at www.gotmercury.org

To easily estimate your mercury exposure, go to the free online mercury-in-fish calculator at www.GotMercury.org or from your cell phone www.Gotmercury.mobi.


Excerpts courtesy of  www.gotmercury.org


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