“Bushmeat survivors-so cute”

“Bushmeat survivors-so cute need your love”

A two year old male chimp is the latest to lose his family and forest home at the hands of bushmeat hunters. Discovered by wildlife officers in a

village on the edge of the Dja Reserve, Kazi had been relegated to the back room of a house where he was tied with rope and largely ignored.

Luckily he was discovered early and brought to apeactionafrica.org in Cameroon, Africa while they were still in good health. The rope around this young chimp’s groin cut deep and caused a badly infected wound, but Ape Action Africa was able to clean, stitch and care for him  around the clock until he was well.

Kazi’s the new chimp was  initial confused, but quickly adapted showing his lively personality.  Now Kazi was introduced  to a new friend, Captain Song.

The two chimps are the same age and size and are “brothers” now. They are also very attached to their care taker Zanga, who supervises their day-time play and stays with them throughout the night. A recent attempt to introduce them to an older female chimp was sadly unsuccessful, but the boys will continue in the dedicated care of Zanga until a new family group can be found for them.

Orphaned gorillas and chimpanzees urgently need your help

Ape Action Africa need your help so that they can continue to give these orphaned animals a safe, caring environment where they can enjoy their lives with each other. Over 300 primates live here, including 100 chimps and 18 gorillas, and they must be fed, housed and medically cared for. It’s full time and full on!
With your help, the running of this truly groundbreaking operation in the Cameroon forest will continue to be a reality.

What can you do?
Give a gift of life and caring early this year.

Donate please – Financial help is one of the greatest gifts you can give to help conserve the endangered gorillas and chimpanzees of West Africa. Small or large, all donations assist our front line work. What you give today could feed a baby chimp tomorrow and the days to come.
Adopt an Ape in Africa  – Like people, gorillas and chimps are all different. They have real personalities. There’s nothing quite like adopting one of our orphans, getting regular updates and watching him/her grow, develop and become an active member of their group.

With more than 290 primates in our care, including 98 chimps and 18 gorillas, and all of them  must have food, shelter and medicines, you help is sorely needed.. Chimps and gorillas can live for 40/50 years so we have a long term commitment to them.….and you can help us take care of them by adopting one of our orphans and becoming involved in their lives with regular updates, watching them grow into their new family groups.
Our primate cousins need your suupport today. Thank you Mother Nature.

See the work on  video.


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