“Local animal shelters need your love this holiday season”

Help Needed For Our Local Humane Society

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I found out that people were bringing in crates of animals to the Humane Society.  My
hairdresser’s husband took an injured pet to the Humane Society and was appalled by what he
saw.  Many people were bringing their animals in crates because they could obviously not care for
them anymore most likely because of the scarcity of funds, foreclosures and other similar situations.

This is truly a very sad situation……..I can’t imagine how hard that would be.  I know how hard it is
for the Humane Society to take care of their animals with food and other needs.  Once before, about
a year or two ago, the situation there got so bad that the media reported the desperation of them to
feed the animals.  I would imagine it must be like that now as well.

At that time, I immediately went down with bags of food and money.  I was so pleased to see how
many people stepped up to the plate.  The lobby was full of people with food and donations of money.
It was heartwarming for sure.

I decided to send out this email to everyone for your assistance.  Tomorrow I intend going down
there, once again, and donating food and money to assist them, and ask those of you who can to do
the same thing.  I know there are many of you who love your pets as much as I, so I’m sending forth
this email to all of you.

Even if you can donate just $1.00.……that multiplies very quickly when you add together many
people, so please forward this to everyone.  I feel we are all so blessed in this life, the least we
can do is help when it is needed.

Blessings to all in this holiday season.  Stephanie
Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/fbvrIu

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