“Lunar Eclipse won’t come again for 75 years”

This is the only time in my life time that I will be able to see the lunar eclipse and the Winter Solstice within the same 24 hours.
The winter solstice today marks the most extreme tilt of the Earth on its’ axis. The northern hemisphere is now the furthest from the sun.

Once the solstice passes (which will happen at 23:38 Universal Time), by 11:38 PM on 12/21/10, the tilt will gradually reverse and the days will begin to lengthening.

Last night, the Moon gradually turned dark then it glowed orange. What a beautiful sight. For anyone who suffered from cloudy skies or who happened to be away from the primary path of the eclipse, here is a quick replay of the event.

Lunar eclipse 2010 replay.

This is a great composite photo.

Video courtesy of  http://bit.ly/el0F2n

Image courtesy of NASA


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