“The grinches trying to steal a Happy New Year from Rockies’ wolves”

Wildlife Services is you did not realize is not a service to the wolves of the Rocky Mountains. The wolves New Year’s gift is to be

killing entire packs

gassing helpless pups in their dens

shooting/ slaughtering wolves from a helicopter

surgically sterilizing alpha wolf pairs after killing their extended families.

The ewanton killing of the grey wolves has begun

Is this the New Years gift to the balancing of our ecosystems you want? Jan. 3, 2011 deadline.

Get active today!  Adopt a wolf today.

Life  in abundance is about balance and harmony not eradication for the convenience of a few.

*Please sign this petition to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, urging hom to stop Wildlife Services from imposing and enacting this extreme plan for the Rocky Mountain states, the Greater Yellowstone.

Make sure your letters stay to the facts-no name calling please.

Deadline for the petition is Jan. 3, 2011.

*Please give an end of year donation to help support wolves and other endangered species today.

Be a wildlife protector in your community.

Here are ways you can get involved to help Mother Nature’s best in 2011.

The recent elections have given anti-wolf forces more power in both the House and the Senate. We fully expect those forces to mount a new, all-out effort to pass legislation that would strip wolves of their life-saving protections.

Their strategy is a blatant attempt to bypass court orders and good science, which say that wolves should remain on the Endangered Species List, protected from mass killing, until they’re fully recovered.

If they succeed, it will lead to “open season” on wolves in Greater Yellowstone and across the Northern Rockies. Hundreds of them could be gunned down.

That’s why NRDC must be ready to defend wolves from the very first day of the new Congress.

Your tax-deductible gift will enable our rapid response operation to reach out to key lawmakers at the first sign of attack … arm the media with the truth about endangered wolves … and mobilize our formidable network of 1.3 million Members and BioGems Defenders. Your support is what allows us to protect our environment in the most effective way possible.



Excerpts courtesy of    http://bit.ly/dU2Qc6

Excerpts courtesy of   http://www.defenders.org

Image 1. courtesy of   http://bit.ly/eXjVLR

Image 2. courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders library




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