“Vote to save environment today”

URGENT: House vote this week – Don’t let Congress slash environmental programs in the new spending bill

Take Action

This week, the House of Representatives will be voting on a bill that would slash spending for environmental protection, national parks and clean energy programs. For example, the bill would cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by almost one-third for the remainder of this fiscal year.

The bill would not only cripple key environmental programs, it also includes provisions that would block the EPA from limiting global warming pollution, remove protection from endangered wolves in the Rockies, overturn a court settlement that protects fisheries in California, prevent the Obama administration from protecting certain wilderness areas and block efforts to restore Clean Water Act protections to important waterways.

These environmental protection provisions don’t even belong in a spending bill, and House Republican leaders had promised that spending bills wouldn’t be used to slip through major policy changes that deserve a full debate. In addition to going back on this pledge, House leaders have arranged the rules for the spending debate so that tax subsidies, like those that oil and gas companies receive, are off the table.

What to do
Send a message immediately urging your representative to vote No on the “Continuing Resolution” (H.R. 1), and to stand against this needless assault on clean air and water, endangered species and open space.



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