“If you love animals/forests speak up”

The Senate now has received from the House of Representatives (I use the term ‘representatives” loosely) one of the most anti-environmental, anti-wildlife bills in the history of the nation.

If passed as written, the environmental safeguards and wildlife protections that have prevented wolves, polar bears and Pacific salmon from fading away will be a thing of the past.

Please make an emergency 100% secure online contribution to ESC today to help us fight for wildlife on Capitol Hill and engage our activists around the nation.

This bill is not about balancing the budget–it’s political payback to Big Oil and other corporate polluters at the expense of our nation’s wildlife.

Your emergency support is crucial. Together, we will save polar bears, gray wolves and other endangered and threatened species.

This bill seeks to invalidate multiple, long-standing conservation agreements in California that have allowed water users and endangered fish to coexist, prevent urgently needed implementation of limits on planet-cooking carbon pollution and permanently remove critical Endangered Species Act protections from recently-recovered Northern Rockies gray wolves.

Further, this bill would legitimize future efforts to remove protections for species that powerful political interests find inconvenient. The Endangered Species Act cannot work if politicians–instead of wildlife experts–opt to decide which species are protected.

We need to stop this disastrous bill and future attacks on imperiled wildlife but we need your help.

We’re fighting to protect our nation’s most threatened species in the most hostile political climate in decades–we need you by our side.

The scorched-earth language of this bill would reverse decades of progress in protecting our nation’s natural treasures. It would legislate the continuation of inaction on climate change and it would make it nearly impossible for concerned citizens to hold the government accountable in enforcing existing law.

Can you support our work with an emergency species-saving contribution today?

Thank you for everything you do to protect wildlife and wild places.

Leda Huta, Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition

Excerpts and logo courtesy of  http://bit.ly/fWFId3


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