“Join Climate Ride today”

Join our Climate Ride Team.

This spring is your chance to make a difference for the climate, connect with other climate advocates, and enjoy five days of fossil-fuel-free bike commuting down the East Coast, on the fourth annual Climate Ride, from New York to DC, May 13 – 17.

It’s also not too early to start thinking about the West Coast Climate Ride, from Eureka to San Francisco, October 2 – 6.

As one of two Green America board members elected by Green America individual members, I’m a three-time Climate-Rider and two-time team captain, so take it from me: Climate Ride will inspire you to take your sustainability to a whole new level.

Some experiences really change you. My participation in Climate Ride convinced me to completely integrate the mission of Green America into my career and daily life: my wife and I just moved to a farm in western Massachussetts that will operate as a CSA. This spring, I’m diving into my work learning my new community farming schedule (including working with my new draft-horses — truly solar-powered vehicles!). I hope my personal example of the way Climate Ride inspires its participants convinces you to join the ride.

And when it comes to the urgency of educating about the climate, it’s time to gear up the mobilization. That’s why Green America needs you to join the Climate Ride today.

Climate Ride takes care of all the details, including bio-diesel support vehicles, maps and water bottles, meals and snacks. You raise money for climate action by recruiting supporters, and Climate Ride provides a chance for all fundraisers to win prizes like bikes, messenger bags, and bike accessories.

Check out this video, and you’ll be so excited to join the ride:

Climate Ride VideoClimate Ride is an inspiring challenge, one that has the potential to change your life. Please consider joining our team.

In cooperation,

Bernard Brennan,
Green America Board President

P.S. Can’t join us on the road this year? Two of our team-members are running climate fundraisers. Climate Rider Paul Keegan is raffling off a custom-built single-speed bicycle when you donate to him here(one chance per $5 donation increment) , and Climate Rider Rob Hanson is holding a fundraiser at Franklin’s Brewery in Hyattsville, MD on Tuesday, April 26. (Or you can donate directly to Rob here.)


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