“Going to Mars? Don’t forget to pack your house flies.”

Putting the Common Housefly onto the dinner plate

Bring housefly food to store near you.

Going to Mars? Don’t forget to pack your house flies.

Growing and harvesting house fly larvae for human nutrition is a ways off, but Musca domestica the common house fly will be grown and made into human food for the long flights to Mars. Until then, this insect larvae hold real promise in taking the pressure off of the traditional animal based nutrient resources and wild populations on Earth. The firm’s insectary grow beds commonly yield seventy pounds of clean larvae per square foot per year. A variety of organic materials and agriculture wastes can be used as grow medium.

Applications for insect food tech could include:

cleaning for poultry barns. fecal wastes of the insects themselves have application as fertilizer. food products for avian and aquatic use in private and public animal collections. nerve and optical studies, water absorption in farmed fish pollination. fine oils and cosmetics. wildlife rehabilitation for insect based diets or supplements, cage bird propagation, wild bird food and, most recently, all natural (not organic) poultry boosters, mimicking free range diet, to enhance egg production and quality.

Products have been made from live, dehydrated and frozen larvae and pupae either whole, ground, pelleted or liquefied.

How tasty are these fly based foods? Early research suggests that human will eat it and it is palatable. Only used in novelty foods today, tomorrow house fly larvae may come in many forms to stores near you. Research began in Oregon in 1975 to farming of Musca domestica, the common housefly.

Fly Farm Systems has a patent pending on the techniques and apparatus of its proprietary insect husbandry system.

The firm is seeking to license partners for application world wide.

Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/m4pb7Q

Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/mINjDg


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