“Can you help Mixer and friends?”

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), pet rescue team in Johannesburg has come across some desperate situations through the years. But this one stunned even them. They would like to share it with you.

In Africa, AIDS is at epidemic proportions. Sadly, there are many children left as orphans when their parents pass away from the awful disease.

At an AIDS hospice near to IFAW’s veterinary clinic, people suffering from AIDS receive emotional and financial

support for themselves and their families. Many of the needy are mothers with young children.

It was to this AIDS clinic that a desperately hungry woman arrived with a sweet puppy named Mixer. She was so desperate to feed her family, in fact, that she came to the clinic to trade their beloved puppy for food for her children.

The hospice, of course, gave assistance to her and her family. And they took in Mixer – not as payment for the food, but because they didn’t want Mixer to be a burden on the struggling family.

The hospice then called IFAW, and we immediately fetched Mixer and brought him back to our veterinary clinic.

Mixer is such a sweet puppy – and he has taken quite a liking to a litter of kittens also at the clinic. He curls up and sleeps with them and gently plays with them.

It’s heartbreaking to think of the struggle that so many families dealing with AIDS face every day. The work of the AIDS hospice and other human-aid charities is so needed.

Of course, the pets of these families, and many other animals in these impoverished communities, also face great hardship and desperately need help.Without us, these animals have chance for survival.

They’d likely end up on the street with no food, and they’d quickly face starvation. And they’d be easy targets for painful infections like mange, heartworm, and the many other diseases that afflict street dogs. Even if they did survive, they’d likely live a life of great suffering.

The IFAW’s clinic and friends like you have saved Mixer and his kitten friends and given them a chance to find loving new homes, free from the threat of starvation and painful diseases.

Please make a donation today to help IFAW rescue animals, care for them, and find them new homes.

Thanks for your donation to puppies like Mixer and his friends.

Story and Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/lgNOgw


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