“Save salmon birthing grounds”

The Sacred Headwaters are the shared birthplace of three of North America’s greatest wild salmon rivers and home to many

salmon going upriver to spawn

threatened species, including grizzly bears, wild salmon and stone sheep.

And it’s this beautiful wilderness in British Columbia that oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has their eye on for coalbed methane drilling.

Please send a postcard to Shell telling them to leave the Sacred Headwaters alone.

Coal bed methane drilling is an environmentally dangerous process that requires a maze of gas wells and pipelines and a huge amount of toxic wastewater. Examples of this kind of drilling in Wyoming, Montana and Alberta have caused serious damage.

The vulnerable wildlife of the Sacred Headwaters can’t stand up to Shell by themselves. It’s up to us to protect the wild salmon, caribou, moose, and grizzlies from Shell.

Fill out a postcard to Shell telling them to get out of the Sacred Headwaters, and our partner Fores tEthics will deliver it on your behalf.

Act now to keep coal bed methane drilling out of the Sacred Headwaters.

Thanks for taking action!


Urgent action needed  link:  http://bit.ly/inFCDp


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