“UN Water 4 good of who?”

Oh! it has been coming for 10 years. The total dismantling of the common person’s belief that the UN-WAter (United Nations Waterwas founded to

“Safe drinking water and basic sanitation are intrinsic to human survival,
well-being and dignity” -UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

protect the little guys and were really good people.  If the vetoing of protection for many endangered fish and animal life didn’t convince you well the lasted power grab by the UN Council on water rights should open your eyes.

The powers’ that be are now demanding regulation of the private sector’s products — from water and natural resource  to inscrutable financial powers… and are using “the greening banner to convince the public of their high morals. With the  climate crisis  and its potential to permanently  disrupted modern commerce and our very existence, as we know it. Mother Earth is poised to dry out and force us into a global water rights battle.

So what are the mega corporation like MERCK DOING? They are joining forces behind a pseudo-green banner at the UN to gain control over water rights worldwide.

UN-Water is a mechanism of the United Nations, endorsed in 2003 for the follow-up process of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. Its purpose is to support states in their water-related efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals.
UN-Water strengthens coordination and coherence among UN agencies that work on all aspects of freshwater and sanitation. This includes surface and groundwater resources, the interface between freshwater and seawater and water-related disasters. UN-Water aims at improving the cooperation between relevant governing bodies and development organizations. It is responsible for the annual World Water Day as well as for the UN Water decade.
The powers that be see water rights, climate issues or endangered species preservation as a means to an end it is all seen as a giant political and financial game, rather than the best and only chance to head off a catastrophe like we have never before imagined. Climate change is upon us, if the world governments continue to represent corporate interests above all others, then we must challenge our states, stay active, speak up and be aware. I guess its all in its name UN-Water probably there to encourage “UN-People”.


Excerpts courtesy of    http://bit.ly/k1Buby

Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/mjiZz3



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