Dear NC Supporteers

Thanks to your efforts, we’ve already defeated one of the worst attacks on our wildlife in recent memory:

the Extinction Rider that would block vital protections for walruses, wolverines and other imperiled species.

Unfortunately, all of our hard work could be undone if anti-wildlife Senators manage a backroom deal to include any of the House of Representatives’ awful anti-wildlife provisions in a comprehensive spending bill for the federal government.

We’re mobilizing our best activists in defense of our imperiled wildlife on an upcoming conference call.   Please RSVP now to join us.

Right now, your Senators are back in their home states. But when they return to Washington in just a couple of weeks, they’ll begin work on a catch-all spending bill for the federal government that could spell disaster for our wildlife.

The House of Representatives has already made their stance on wildlife protection clear.

  • Anti-wildlife Representatives have larded up the Interior spending bill with proposals that undermine imperiled species and the Endangered Species Act.
  • They’ve slashed funding for national wildlife refuges and other core conservation priorities.
  • And they’ve proposed legislation to end Mexican gray wolf recovery efforts and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from keeping dangerous pesticides that threaten human health and wildlife out of our waters.

We’re fighting each and every one of these damaging provisions in the House. Now we need to ensure that none of these awful provisions find their way into Senate legislation.

Please take action now. Let me know that you will stand up for wildlife and keep America’s natural treasures off the chopping block.

We all know the risks of backroom deal-making, and we all know that these attacks on our natural heritage have no business in a bill to fund the federal government.

Please take action now. RSVP now for the conference call.

With Gratitude,

Caitlin Balch-Burnett, Colorado Outreach Representative Caitlin Balch Burnett
Outreach Representative
Defenders of Wildlife

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