Nature’s Crew

The Force is with them.

1. Children(of all ages) by nature identify with young animals.

They know that much needs to be fixed and cared for. They are willing to step up and get involved.

2. Fear

The fear of global destruction and all their favorite animals going extinct. The news is always filled with natural and man-made disasters. A feeling of hopelessness fills many children. This fear is being converted to action and motivate others to get involved in greater numbers every day.

3. Energy

Boundless personal and mental energy. They are learning many ways to cultivate their skills and abilities and direct them to saving the planet. TV, school, friends around them, everyone is talking and beginning to look for ways to help.

They are using their creative energies to develop specific projects and getting many others involved with them.

4. Strong sense of purpose

Knowing that the world is depending on them and their friends and family, they are getting more involved at younger ages to help.

Being raised on TV, they know many animals, planets and environments and people need their help. More young children are aware the earth is in need.

5. Love of planet – passion

Children are filled with love and easily identify with the family life of animals, the beauty of all life. Love helps them find ways to get through politics and nationalities to help people live and support each other in a more environmentally friendly way.

6. Desire to learn to make it better to save it.

Knowing that many problems are serious long-standing challenges, they are taking on tasks by recruiting many others, young and old, and learning to pool resources to get the job done.

Young folks can take seemingly complex issues and break them down into a part that is interesting and doable by them.

7. Need

Sensing that the older generations can’t do it alone, many are speaking up and looking for their special way to help. They will fix it. They dig in when others feel powerless and inspire others to follow their lead. They know there is a need for them in all levels of the solution from recycling to animal extinction or quality food. They are moving like a stream poring their energies and merging into the river. The Force is with them.

Let’s work with our kids to save the planet

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Volunteer for the Crew – Nature’s Crew
Thank you for your interest in Nature’s Crusaders.

Nature’s Crusaders is a grass roots environmental education organization with a goal of fostering creative use of talents to save the earth.

With our ever increasing internet presence NC’s blog highlights current issues facing the planet as well as drawing attention to other organizations doing work for the world. We help educate, support and promote events to raise awareness and funds for eco-causes.

We are recruiting volunteers for Nature’s Crew’s our action resources group. These volunteers are willing to use their skills, talents and contacts to help us grow and save the earth.

So please tell us what your hobbies, passions, talents, skills, jobs, education, other organization you are or have been involved with, favorite animals and anything else that makes you care about our world.

The problems facing the earth may feel hopeless, but give your heart and a little time to her and make a wonderful difference.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nature’s Crusaders
em: info@Nature’s


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