“Stand up for Mother Earth-even to death?”

To win this battle for peace and health on this planet we must all stand and deliver our best even if the price is high.

Do not support world leaders, irresponsible corporations and mindless reckless consumerism. The reckless and irresponsible greedy behavior are destroying life on earth.

This film is a poignant reminder to save ourselves and the planet we must stand up and be counted even if it costs us the ultimate sacrifice. This docudrama is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today.

The clip was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (http://www.sanctuaryasia.com/).  Thank you  from Nature’s Crusaders and Mother Nature.

Thanks to UTUBE and Sanctuary Asia Networks for this powerful film clip.

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“Reintroduce No Child Left Inside ACt ”


This Thursday, July 14, Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) and Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD) will reintroduce the No Child Left Inside Act into the 112th Congress. 

You can encourage your local media outlets to cover the bill introduction and locally effective environmental education programs by customizing the attached press release template to your organization and region.

Senator Reed and Congressman Sarbanes continue to demonstrate tremendous vision in championing this critical and historic legislation. We are grateful to them for all that they are doing to make environmental education an integral part of every American child’s education. Once again, many members of Congress have agreed to co-sponsor the NCLI Act, including Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), whose leadership provides a critical bipartisan boost.

To celebrate this exciting next step towards our collective goal, and to hear from Senator Reed and Congressman Sarbanes about what we as a Coalition can do to support their efforts, please join a No Child Left Inside Conference Call with Mr. Reed and Mr. Sarbanes on Tuesday July 19 at
3:00pm EST.

Dial-in: 1-712-432-3066
Passcode: 354022
You may submit questions you would like the Senator and Congressman to address by emailing sbodor@cbf.org before 8:00pm EST on Monday July 18.

Our progress to date would not be possible without the commitment and passion of our 2,071 member Coalition. Thank you to each and every one of you for all you do. We have much more work ahead, but please take a moment to celebrate today!


“Happy 4th 4 polar bears”

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan (Bless you!) has officially rejected Alaska’s arguments

and given the polar bears continued protection under the Endangered Species Act.

This ruling is a huge win for our long-running work to protect these mighty Arctic bears who are struggling to survive while facing rapidly melting sea ice

We win a big one!

and oil companies that want to drill in the heart of their habitat.

The Center for Biological Diversity and others, including Nature’s Crusaders members worked  together tirelessly over the years achieved this critical victory.  Without the tens of thousands of actions you’ve taken and the support you’ve given us over the years to keep fighting in court for the majestic white bear — We and Mother Nature thank you.

In 2005, the Center for Biological Diversity filed the federal petition to list the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act, we’ve led the fight to keep the bears from extinction.

In 2008 the first victory for the bear was won when it was officially listed as a  “threatened” species.

Then the State of Alaska, big-game hunters and others went to court this year to try to strip Endangered Species Act protections from polar bears. Center for Biological Diversity spearheaded the legal battle to defend the polar bears right to full protection under the Endangered Species Act in court, outlining the urgent protections needed to save them from the terrible effects of global warming.

This Thursday, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan rejected Alaska’s arguments and said the decision to protect bears because of melting Arctic sea ice was well supported. He also noted the plight of the polar bear was “troubling.”

Even as we take a moment with you to celebrate the court decision, we know our work is far from over. Scientists tell us that, left unchecked, warming could melt so much sea ice that two-thirds of the world’s polar bears, including all those in Alaska, will probably be gone in 40 years.
Thank you again for the part you played in helping secure this win for polar bears. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Center for Biological Diversity and Nature’s Crusaders   working for Mother Nature

Image  Nature’s Crusaders Library

“Road rage squashed elephant style” http://wp.me/pd14G-1RG


These photos are from Thursday, Feb. 17 by someone from Centurion in Pilanesberg game reserve, South Africa .

The guy in the white Volkswagen was trying to get past the elephant.

Road rage certainly effects us all. This elephant has a unique calm approach to putting the raging driver in his place.

Thsnks for sending them Joline.-Mother Nature  author unknown














Road rage, it affects us all

“1st oil rig since BP disaster gets go ahead”

The first new offshore oil rig since the BP oil spill was given the go ahead this week with promises of safety. but endangered sea turtles are still at risk.
That’s why I spoke up  for sea turtle rescue at an oil and gas hearing in Houston that was packed with oil industry and government officials. They seemed to listen. Now they need to hear from all of  you, too,  before the March 31 deadline. Click here to take action, and read more below.

Sea turtles need rescue from oil and gas operations!

At the Texas hearing, an oil company consultant said that he loved the sea turtles as much as I do. If that’s true, then the oil companies have a lot of work to do. The loss of endangered sea turtles that we saw during the BP oil spill must never occur again. With the Kemp’s ridley nesting season just around the corner, now is the time to make things right.

Take Action by March 31, 2011

Right now we have a chance to secure new oil and gas regulations by writing to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement. This is the agency that approves new offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and is conducting an environmental review of the 2012 – 2017 oil and gas leasing program and accepting comments by March 31, 2011.

At the very least, oil spill response must include immediate on-water rescue of sea turtles, independent wildlife observers and rescue teams on cleanup vessels. Controlled burns and chemical dispersants must be banned in sea turtle habitat. Sea turtle swimways free of oil and gas rigs must be established. Help us get the message across by taking these steps now:

1. Click here to send a message calling for sea turtle protections in oil and gas leases.
2. Support STRP’s ongoing campaign to protect sea turtles from oil and gas with a gift of any amount you can.

Learn more: Read about our latest actions to protect sea turtles from oil and gas operations.

Sincerely yours,

Carole Allen
Gulf Office Director

At left: Carole Allen testifies on behalf of sea turtles at an oil and gas hearing held in Houston, Texas. (Houston Chronicle photo)

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“Baby bears asks -will you be my mama?”

How do you want to see your baby bear…

in  paw soup or to sell them into shackles for life as dancing bears ?

Poaching of baby bears

Poachers usually kill the female bears in the forest then take her bear cubs, who are then sold to illegal wildlife traders, in South East Asia sometimes using routes via Nepal.
The paws of the baby bears are cut off and used in bear paw soup delicacies, while other parts are used for Chinese traditional medicine, including aphrodisiacs.
In January  five male bear cubs between 3 – 5 weeks old were taken from their mothers  in the wild. The mother bears usually are killed by poachers to remove the cubs.

The state veterinary doctor of Banka who carried out a medical examination of these rescued animals were traumatized and dehydrated. He  wanted the bears be moved immediately to the bear rehabilitation center in Agra for necessary immediate veterinary care.

The Adult Bears were being used as dancing bears in Nepal and were just smuggled back into India through Bihar. Both Bears have a thick rope pierced through their muzzle and move or “dance” when these ropes are pulled in response to the pain. 

According to Muriel Arnal, President – One Voice Association France

Poaching of cubs continues.”Please help these groups take care of me” -Baby Bear

One Voice is working with Wildlife SOS for almost a decade and we have gradually seen the bear cub poaching reduce year by year. The Indian Government’s support in fighting wildlife crime continues to be very important. You support is critical.  Will you become my sponsor mom or dad?


Excerpts and Image http://bit.ly/egsa4X


“Missing tanker found by Italian satellites”

The Cosmo-SkyMed satellites, operated by the Italian space agency, have acquired the first images of the Italian oil tanker Savina Caylyn since it was hijacked earlier this week by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.

According to the satellite radar images, acquired by Italian space agency (ASI) and e-GEOS on Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday morning, the seized ship is about 330 km off the Somalia coast.

The 266-m long and 46-m wide vessel was about 800 km west of India when it was attacked on Tuesday. There has been no reported communication with the vessel and no information regarding the 22 crew members on board.

Through rapid integration of satellite-based vessel detection with conventional information streams, it provides extended surveillance to a range of coast guards, police forces, navies, customs and excise agencies, border guards and intelligence services. The project is led by e-GEOS and has been running since early 2006.

The images and the extracted information on the vessel are fed directly by e-GEOS into the command and control system of the Italian Coast Guard who received the initial alert when the piracy attack occurred and are now maintaining contact with the vessel owners’ company security officer.

MARISS provides pre-operational satellite-based maritime surveillance services for European waters, East Africa, the Caribbean and the Atlantic to support maritime law enforcement, anti-trafficking interventions and to protect shipping lanes.


Excerpts and Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/f7j9l5

“Vote to save environment today”

URGENT: House vote this week – Don’t let Congress slash environmental programs in the new spending bill

Take Action

This week, the House of Representatives will be voting on a bill that would slash spending for environmental protection, national parks and clean energy programs. For example, the bill would cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by almost one-third for the remainder of this fiscal year.

The bill would not only cripple key environmental programs, it also includes provisions that would block the EPA from limiting global warming pollution, remove protection from endangered wolves in the Rockies, overturn a court settlement that protects fisheries in California, prevent the Obama administration from protecting certain wilderness areas and block efforts to restore Clean Water Act protections to important waterways.

These environmental protection provisions don’t even belong in a spending bill, and House Republican leaders had promised that spending bills wouldn’t be used to slip through major policy changes that deserve a full debate. In addition to going back on this pledge, House leaders have arranged the rules for the spending debate so that tax subsidies, like those that oil and gas companies receive, are off the table.

What to do
Send a message immediately urging your representative to vote No on the “Continuing Resolution” (H.R. 1), and to stand against this needless assault on clean air and water, endangered species and open space.


“OMG- 2 kids saving the world”

Mother Nature gives the 2 Thumbs UP Award  to  Carter and Olivia
Here is a story about two amazing kids who are making a difference.

The nonprofit One More Generation (OMG) is :

helping clean up our environment,
save endangered species
helping kids “Give Back”.
Their mission statement says it all “We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and our environment.  Our goal is to ensure all endangered species survive at least One More Generation… and beyond.”
What these guys are accomplishing is an inspiration to youth and families around the world.

Carter  is 91/2 years old  and his sister Olivia is 8. This dynamic duo are so passionate about wanting to make a difference that they started their own organization called One More Generation (OMG)

The two students have been adopting Cheetah’s in South Africa (from the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Center) for years and as they started asking why some animals needed adopting, we told them that unless someone stepped in and helped, there might not be any Cheetah’s left in the wild by the time they had their own kids. Well that was all we had to say and these two sprang into action.

OMG’s, Carter and Olivia have been involved in numerous initiatives both locally and globally to include:

They just recently returned from making a trip to the Gulf where they delivered badly needed Animal Rescue Supplies to the folks at the Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Center in New Orleans. You can check out what they did in the Gulf to help save Sea Turtles and watch their video about the trip as well.

They are helping Sharks and Whales too .

They have been in communications with Pete Bethune (Ady Gil Captain from Sea Shepard) who suggested we attend one of their Nov World-Wide Anti Whaling demonstration in Atlanta.Here are pictures from the whaling protest. It was Carter and Olivia’s first demonstration and they absolutely loved it.

Carter and Olivia recently won the Grand Prize in a Nestles Heroes Contest. The prize is essentially an ice cream party for them and up to 50 of their friends. They both decided to share the prize with their classmates at their school since the entire school has been so helpful with our organization from the start. The ice-cream party was last Friday and was held at the Fayette Montessori School in Fayetteville GA. All the kids had a blast. Here is a link to the story

Working with our State Legislatures on proposing Legislative Language changes to the current laws written by the GA DNR (Georgia Department of Natural Resources) in an effort to help stop the Rattlesnake Roundups in our state. They have partnered with the folks from the Center of Biological Diversity out of AZ and their legal team has helped them write the language changes we want to introduce in Spring. So far these two enterprising young students have collected over 1,100 signatures on a petition asking for change to the Roundups. Last week they met with the head of the GA DNR to discuss changes for the future of these events.

They are working to try and raise $50,000.00 for a Cheetah Rescue program in South Africa. The Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Center runs the program and they are doing a tremendous job. The process is slow and funds are extremely hard to come-by but they just held a silent auction a couple of weeks ago where they auctioned off painting kids in the community did of their favorite endangered species.

They are working with various organizations in our immediate area on raising awareness to the plight of the many endangered species across the globe. We have an educational program that we present to the visitors of the Atlanta Zoo, The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium, The Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the Cochran Mill Nature Center.

They are in talks with the folks from The Art Miles Mural Project, which is an international organization that raises awareness to various initiatives globally through art. We recently proposed to them that we collaborate on such a project about endangered species. We are very excited about the prospect of organizing such an event.
Carter and Olivia were just invited to be a guest speaker at the Caring for Creation 2011 Conference at Lake Junaluska, NC in March/April of 2011. They are preparing their presentation for their largest presentation to-date.

Thanks to a meeting these two kids had with our State Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, a further meeting was just held with Deputy District Director Andy Bush were Carter and Olivia discussed the needed support for HR14 which covers Ocean Acidification. Carter and Olivia will be reporting on the results soon. Here is our link to the issue.

They just hosted a “Water Event” at the Fernbank Museum where they discussed the importance of water on all living things and also partnered with an organization called Ryan’s Well which helps build water wells to poor villages around the world to ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water. Also on that same day, they participated in a celebration at our Sate Capital by being part of “Uniting Voices”: An Interfaith Worship Service Calling for Climate Justice, which is an event that hopes to raise awareness to the problems with our climate do to pollution etc.

Both events were videoed for inclusion in the “One Day On Earth” organization that is hoping to document historical events from this special day and preserve them for future generations.

We are also now working on a joint project with the folks at Healthy Vending and the folks at TerraCycle in an effort to create a program designed to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment and we are working on a program with several local churches to help create a Ban on Single Use Plastic bags in our community since plastic is now the number one pollutant item in our oceans.

Finally, they are attempting to work on a joint project with Jungle Jack Hanna from the Columbus Zoo and or Jeff Corwin to help raise awareness of the issues regarding endangered species to kids nationwide. (This is one of the projects, which they really want to move forward with. Although we do not yet have confirmed date for meeting with either, we are still trying.

Everyone Can Make A Difference. Getting kids involved at an early age is our only hope to help change the global situation
around and what these two have accomplished is impressive.

Mother Nature gives you, Carter and Olivia her official  “2 Thumbs Up Award” and her eternal gratitude.

They are grateful for all donations.

Article submitted by Jim Ries. Thank you Jim.
Image 1. courtesy of    http://bit.ly/ghiDfl
Image 2. courtesy of   http://bit.ly/hSgGKD

“Local animal shelters need your love this holiday season”

Help Needed For Our Local Humane Society

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I found out that people were bringing in crates of animals to the Humane Society.  My
hairdresser’s husband took an injured pet to the Humane Society and was appalled by what he
saw.  Many people were bringing their animals in crates because they could obviously not care for
them anymore most likely because of the scarcity of funds, foreclosures and other similar situations.

This is truly a very sad situation……..I can’t imagine how hard that would be.  I know how hard it is
for the Humane Society to take care of their animals with food and other needs.  Once before, about
a year or two ago, the situation there got so bad that the media reported the desperation of them to
feed the animals.  I would imagine it must be like that now as well.

At that time, I immediately went down with bags of food and money.  I was so pleased to see how
many people stepped up to the plate.  The lobby was full of people with food and donations of money.
It was heartwarming for sure.

I decided to send out this email to everyone for your assistance.  Tomorrow I intend going down
there, once again, and donating food and money to assist them, and ask those of you who can to do
the same thing.  I know there are many of you who love your pets as much as I, so I’m sending forth
this email to all of you.

Even if you can donate just $1.00.……that multiplies very quickly when you add together many
people, so please forward this to everyone.  I feel we are all so blessed in this life, the least we
can do is help when it is needed.

Blessings to all in this holiday season.  Stephanie
Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/fbvrIu

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