“Stately wolf so misunderstood”

Stately wolf so misunderstood
My heart cries out for justice and protection for you and your pups.
A needed carnivore so wrongly misunderstood and hated over centuries.

Deadly games are played letting you live and spread then cutting you down

before your numbers have reached their prime.
Whole families slaughtered -your pack is gone.

I did it.

Hunters they call themselves-

Bullies with high powered guns pose near your dead body proud of what they have done.
They know not that they are hurting all of us.
Killing part of our family of interwoven life on this earth.

Stately wolf so misunderstood,
My heart cries out for justice and protection for you and your pups.
Without you roaming over our national parks and mountains culling the sick and lame
the stream beds become over grazed
without the plants at the streams edge, the small water creatures, fish and birds have no home.
Each wolf and creature and plants are part of the same family.
The lonely extinction dominoes are beginning to fall.

Only we can save us all.

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“Poaching +aphrodisiacs + greed + ignorance = the ‘blood diamonds’ of species survival”

You may be seeing the last of these species

It seems even those we pay to protect our animals make more money poaching than caring for the future of animals in their country. Zimbabwe security forces poached 200 rhinos during these past two years. Ivory is worth more now than gold on the black market. They are not alone.

As terrible as this is, we are supporting this behavior every time we purchase something made from ivory, tiger aphrodisiacs or wear a fur pelt from some skinned animal, go hunting for sport or chop up our forests or lands to plant non sustainable crops, build nuclear plants or drill into the sea bed for oil.

Only we can create a new healthier world.

Why do we bother to try to save endangered animals on one hand

– we wipe them out with the other?

Is there president for continuing to work with animal populations that have very few members thus limiting their genetic pool? Especially when “the blood diamond effect” is so pervasive? Why is the gene pool diversity needed?

As current genetic knowledge has it, the more diverse the number of genes contributing to the reproductive pool the stronger the chance that healthy, genetically strong traits to be passed down to offspring insuring the survival of the species.

Many of our most well known animals like the South China tiger, the orangutan, the Sumatran elephant and rhino, the panda, the tortoise, many of the whales, the sea turtles, the cheetah, monarch butterfly, pacific salmon, the North American bears, the wolf, jaguar, sharks, tuna, hundreds of frog, toad and other amphibians… are a few of thousands of animals and plants destroyed along the way to the bank or for aphrodisiacs or to make homes by slashing and burning or long lining their lives to the brink of extinction.

As the blood diamond, the African diamond mined at the expense on the backs of the blacks in the mines of South Africa, so to is the ivory horns, tiger penis, animal pelts, turtle shells and eggs, shark fins, roe of fish, palm oil, illegal animal trade , over fishing, etc are the bloody diamonds rampant in modern society.

Should we try to save an endangered species?

Junaidi Payne chairman of the Borneo Rhinoceros Alliance (BORA) and longtime conservationist with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), Malaysia answers this question this way, “There are estimated to be 11,000 orangutans [in Sabah alone] and probably 1,500 [Bornean pygmy] elephants, but there are no more than forty rhinos… New populations have stagnated and are going down slowly. It’s about need.

Bornean rhino probably has only 6-7 fertile females. MAYBE THEY CAN BE SAVED.

It is the maybe that keep us going against all odds as explorers of old trying to cross Antarctica and the success stories along the way like the miracles from medical field. Against all odds and commonly held genetic theory some will survive and flourish outside of captivity in their natural habitat. We can do it.

Intensive conservation measures pulled the white rhino back now about 17,480 white rhinos live in east and southern Africa and are the most populous rhino species in the world. Rewilding of the tigers in China is under way trying to help the South China tiger’s numbers. We cannot give up on our world.

Life in all forms is too precious.

Thanks to everyone who loves enough to give their time, energy and money to save our world. Everyone can help become a Crusader for Nature.” – Mother Nature


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“The Governor holds wolves in the crosshair in Utah”

Governor Herbert of Utah is the link holding the fate of the nonnative wolves in his hand . Seems Utah Senate passed and sent the bill on to the House of Representativesand to kill or relocate all migrating wolves that come through their state.  A major problem with this bill is it leaves the door wide open for the slaughter of even native wolves, because migrating wolves do not wear a visa to identify them.  Wolves come through Utah headed to Yellowstone, Colorado, Arizona and the Southern Rockies. This movement is needed to keep the gene pool healthy and keep the population numbers stabilizing.

Wolf in crosshairs in Utah again

This anti-wolf bill could pass as soon as this week and is backed by the misleadingly named Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife — the very same group whose Idaho chapter has been holding wolf-killing derbies to raise funds for anti-wolf litigation.

For twenty years now the wolf population has been returning to nearly normal levels, with Utah, Alaska leading the charge to wipe out wolves we must let Governor Herbert know that wolves are a vital link in the ecosystem.

Wolves play critical roles in their ecosystems. They keep prey, like elk and deer, moving so they do not over graze an area. Since the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, biodiversity has soared, as streamside areas have bounced back due to reduced grazing pressure form elk and deer. In turn, beaver populations have rebounded, providing healthy habitat for a wide range of birds and aquatic animals and plant life. The balance Mother Nature intended.

The bill now goes to the state house of representatives and, if approved there, would require the approval of Governor Gary Herbert.  If passed into law this bill would circumvent Utah’s Wolf Management Plan and violate the Endangered Species Act.

Please sign the petition to encourage the Governor to save the wolves before February 14. Make it a Happy Valentine’s Day for the wolves of Utah.

Stop wolf killing derbies.


Excerpts courtesy of   https://defenders.org

Petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction

Image courtesy of  Nature’s Crusaders library

US Government -Stop Killing All the Wolves

As of May 2, 2008, 37 wolves have been slaughtered for no reason. Write letters, send money to environmental groups trying to legally stop this disaster in the making. All wolves pups, and adults can be lost Bush has lifted the ban on all wolves in US. Contact your congressmen today. – Mother Nature