Clean Up for Fun!

Let go on a walk. I’ll carry the recycle bag and one for trash. Let’s see how many things we can find to collect and recycle. It’ll be like picking up things from the face of Mother Earth that she can’t use where we find them and we’ll put them somewhere other helpers will come and pick them up.

Have a make believe session on your walk with how these cans and plastic bottles may be reused. Did you know there are some people making rugs from old plastic bottles now and the clean plastic can be purchased from the recyclers to make new bottles for drinks. – Mother Nature

How many pounds plastic bottles and newspaper can you collect for recycle this week?

Let us know. Leave your story and your name, age and email.

– Mother Nature

GMO Beware of Health Effects

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms ruin native crops. Why is this important you ask? The fact that the corn you eat is sprayed with a deadly toxin to kill everything that grows should concern you.

If you live in an area that grows GMOs the water and soil and all native corn in the area can easily get contaminated with this pesticide. When humans are exposed the poison over time it produces a rash like acne on the skin. People that live in an area that use Rodeo weed killer from Monsato know the concentration Dioxin builds in their blood and eventually some will die from the effects of it in their bodies.

Buy organic, live in peace.

– Mother Nature