Two daily tips to improve air quality

Every day we will add to new ways that you can help clean up the air we breathe.

– Written by Mother Nature for the planets improved health

Plants help us clean the air

Trees and green plants are one of our natural air filtration systems.

Daily through the the green chloroplasts in their leaves and the green in their bark ( like the Palo Verde tree ).  Plants breathe “respire” when the sun is not shining, which means that they use oxygen and release carbon dioxide, just like animals. But they they make more
oxygen than they use – plants really are the world’s most important oxygen factories.

Plant low maintenance trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs and edible plants to decrease water use especially in more arid regions of the earth while allowing them to help us clean up our air quality.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Car Tips

*Maintenance your car; it’ll last longer and changing fluids on schedule will decrease particulates in the air from car emissions,

* Proper inflation

Make sure your tires are properly inflated – you can save $130 a year in gasoline costs


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