“Baby bears asks -will you be my mama?”

How do you want to see your baby bear…

in  paw soup or to sell them into shackles for life as dancing bears ?

Poaching of baby bears

Poachers usually kill the female bears in the forest then take her bear cubs, who are then sold to illegal wildlife traders, in South East Asia sometimes using routes via Nepal.
The paws of the baby bears are cut off and used in bear paw soup delicacies, while other parts are used for Chinese traditional medicine, including aphrodisiacs.
In January  five male bear cubs between 3 – 5 weeks old were taken from their mothers  in the wild. The mother bears usually are killed by poachers to remove the cubs.

The state veterinary doctor of Banka who carried out a medical examination of these rescued animals were traumatized and dehydrated. He  wanted the bears be moved immediately to the bear rehabilitation center in Agra for necessary immediate veterinary care.

The Adult Bears were being used as dancing bears in Nepal and were just smuggled back into India through Bihar. Both Bears have a thick rope pierced through their muzzle and move or “dance” when these ropes are pulled in response to the pain. 

According to Muriel Arnal, President – One Voice Association France

Poaching of cubs continues.”Please help these groups take care of me” -Baby Bear

One Voice is working with Wildlife SOS for almost a decade and we have gradually seen the bear cub poaching reduce year by year. The Indian Government’s support in fighting wildlife crime continues to be very important. You support is critical.  Will you become my sponsor mom or dad?


Excerpts and Image http://bit.ly/egsa4X



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  1. February 8, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    I hope that these bears have a future in which they can live like a bear to life, liberty and happiness

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