Many animals depend on The bee and her cousins

The honeybee has many native bee cousins to help pollinate the flowers and trees. Our native (feral) bees in many areas of the US seem to be decreasing as well. Bees, wasps, hornets, butterflies, bats, bears, squirrels, the honey badger, the least shrew, skunk, raccoon, some frogs and toads, anoles, birds like the humming birds, flycatchers, grackle, some spiders, dragon flies, Chinese Mantis, some hornets, yellow jackets, robber flies, a water strider and the European beewolf, and man, lizards, frogs, toads and many other mammals and plants depend on natures pollinators for their food supplies.

If the pollinators disappear so will life as we have grown to know it. Starvation may become more common and our stable food crops of grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables are in jeopardy.

Help Nature’s Crusaders raise funds for bee research and education.

Students you can join our Bees n Tees Student Design Contest. go to


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