Save the lions! urgent

I usually do not print political things, but this needs everyone’s attention and support

Within hours, Tanzania‘s President Kikwete could start evicting tens of thousands of the Maasai from our land so hunters can come and kill leopards and lions. Last time Avaaz raised the alarm, the President shelved the plan. Global pressure can stop him again. Click to help us urgently:

“Tarantula the size of your face found”

Do you want another good reason not to hang out in old buildings or big  old trees in Sri Lanka?

A giant spider the size of your face has been discovered!  It is a tiger spider-colorful and deadly. Perfect to become the star of the next horror flick.

As a group, the spiders are related to a class of South American tarantula that includes the Goliath bird-eater, the world’s largest. It’s unique leg markings include geometric patterns with daffodil-yellow and grey inlays on the first and fourth legs.

It was first seen during a Sri Lankan arachnid survey led by Ranil Nanayakkara, co-founder of Sri Lanka’s Biodiversity Education and Research.