Two ways to save endangered animals need everyone

To help save Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals are still being hunted even though they aren’t supposed to be.  Let us try and save them from being hunted. Please click the link below. Please help make an Endangered Animals life better…

Thank You-Mother Nature

Second way to help is to do a clearing of the energy that allows these conditions to persist.

From your heart repeat continuely. Please forgive me and all generations before me. I’m sorry, I love you. Know that the more energy is cleared the healthier and more peaceful all life will be.


Help the oceans today

Rise Above Plastics

Sponsored by: Surfrider Foundation

There is a section of the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the continental United States called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Within it, 100 million tons of plastic swirl in a vortex of currents. There is so much plastic in the water that it outnumbers zooplankton by six to one!

This plastic ends up in the stomachs of marine birds and animals. In fact, one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die globally each year due to ingestion of or entanglement in plastics.

Plastic is forever, with virtually every piece of petroleum based plastic ever made still in existence. That’s why it’s so critical to our oceans and beaches that we dramatically reduce our use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, starting today.

You can make a difference for our world’s oceans, waves and beaches — pledge to rise above plastics today.
Please sign up by clicking here now.

Tuna Fish consumption -use a calculator

Check out this tuna calculator

How much tuna can you eat safely?

The mercury levels in fish primarily seafood continues to be a problem.
Using the FDA’s own scientific guidelines for a safe dose of mercury you can find out the maximum amount of tuna you can safely eat each week and not exceed what the FDA considers a safe exposure level. These results don’t agree with the seafood consumption advisory agency guidelines.

The FDA’s proposed advice to consumers — eat 12 ounces of a variety of fish per week .

Check out the EWG tuna calculator.

**These guidelines have not been updated since the 2004-05 FDA guidelines were published.

– Mother Nature’s Tips

Plastic bags decomposed naturally-a teen has done it!

You kids are making the planet better. TWO THUMBS UP!

A 16-year-old Canadian student has found a way to compress a 1000-year process down to three months. In his high school science project, 16-year-old Daniel Burd used a special blend of microbes to speed up the decomposition, of polyethylene plastic bags.
How Daniel did what no one else has figured out?
He got frustrated with the accumulation of plastic bags around his house.
Take ordinary plastic’ bags that have been ground up to a powder add a special blend of microbes to speed up the decomposition in a fermenter . . . your growth medium, your microbes (yeast and tap water to create a solution) and last but not least good ol’ dirt.

After culturing the microbes for three months in plastic powder and dirt, then the solution sits in a shaking flask at 39 degrees with a little sodium acetate and waits. It seems those hungry little microbes will convert about 43 per cent of the plastic within six weeks. Burd won the top Prize Canada-wide Science Fair in Ottawa. He went home smiling with a long list of awards including a $10,000 Prize, a $20,000 Scholarship, and recognition for finding a simple practical solution and a way to help the environment.
– Erin Michaels –Tucson Green Magazine July 2008

Thanks. – Mother Nature

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Largest phone company dumps screen savers-2 Thumbs Up!

TWO THUMBS UP! Telstra, the biggest phone company in Australia, has removed all the corporate screen savers from the 36,000 computers in its offices.

How will this help the environment?? The change will cut tons of CO2, which they claim will be the equivalent of taking 140 cars off the road for a year. Follow Telstra’s example AND DUMP YOUR SCREEN SAVERS..

If you have a flat screen LCD monitor, the Screen Savers Wasters only use more energy while increasing our carbon foot print. The technology went out with the dinos or those older models.

When will US companies phone and others follow suit?

– Mother Nature Tips

Gardening for Wildlife

1. Grow trees ( nut & fruit), shrubs and plants that are native to your area.

2. Grow local tallgrasses and shrubs that provide a natural cover to shade the animals and birds.

3. Please provide a source of water for local and migrating animals and birds.

4. Grow your own worms in your composit pile to naturally mulch your garden.

5. Provide food and nesting boxes for birds and wildlife.

6. Remember to plant flowers that have orange, red, white. purple and yellow flowers to attract the pollinators.

7. In the desert plant cacti like the Night Blooming Cereus to bring out the night pollinators.

8. Grow your own veggies and some fruits to insure you are eating quality foods

9. Garden without pesticides.

Thank you for helping – Mother Nature

Honey Bees Wanted

Come back in our gardens we need you.

To encourage bee activity in your garden this summer, plant lots of red and yellow flowers and vegetables so you can reduce your carbon foot print and feed the bees, their colony and yourselves. It is a win- win for Mother Nature and your home. Remember to plant without chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Talk to the bees and invite them back to your garden. When they come, respect them and watch them from a distance. Remember they do not want to sting you. Stinging is a defense reaction. They are only protecting themselves.
Watch how they work! Look at how much pollen and nectar, the liquid they suck up through their proboscis from the center of the flower. They can fly at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. They are up flying to the flowers when the sun comes out if the air has warmed enough, They must be home before dark, just like you children.

We’ll be giving more bee facts soon.

Tell us what you know about bees and what you are doing to protect our best pollinators.
– Mother Nature

Nature’s Crusaders Bees n Tees Student Designer Contest begins July 30, 2008 about 6PM.

Greening of US Schools -2 Thumbs UP!

House approves funds for ‘green’ schools

By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer

6:02 PM PDT, June 4, 2008″ WASHINGTON —

” The 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act should save school districts billions in energy costs while reducing asthma and other environmentally linked health problems. The White House threatened a veto, saying it was wrong for the federal government to launch a costly new school building program.

The White House objected to a funding formula linking amounts that a state receives to Title I, the federal program for schools receiving aid for low-income students. No school under the formula would receive less than $5,000.”.

Projects would have to meet one of three widely recognized standards for building construction materials and energy sources: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, Energy Star, or Collaborative For High Performance Schools. Requirements for meeting the green standards would be phased in, but by 2013, 90 percent of the funds would have to be used for green projects.

Democratic supporters cited studies that a green school uses 35 percent less energy than a conventional school, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent, uses 30 percent less water and has better lighting and temperature controls that encourage student achievement.

The legislation, said Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-Calif., will “not only save them energy, not only will make the facilities safer, cleaner and better for the learning environment these children need, it will also dramatically change the cost of running a school district.”

Thanks House of Representatives -Mother Nature

Title I of H.R. 3021 authorizes $6.4 billion for fiscal year 2009 and such sums through fiscal year 2013. The bill ensures that school districts around the country will quickly receive funds for much needed public school modernization, renovation, and repair projects to improve the teaching and learning climate, student and staff health and safety, energy efficiency, and the environment. It directs the Secretary to reserve one percent of Title I funds for assistance to outlying areas and Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools.

The bill is H.R. 3021. On the Net: Congress:

Canada dumping the old junkers for cash


OTTAWA, Canada (Reuters) June 4, 2008 – By 2009 Canadians will be offered bicycles, public transit passes or cash if they agree to scrap their old gas-guzzling vehicles. 

Five million of the 18 million cars and trucks in Canada were made before 1996. The older vehicles produce about 19 times more pollutants than newer models, the government said.t.

Whether the program catches on outside major cities is another matter. Canada is the world’s second largest country with a relatively underdeveloped public transportation systems.


-Mother Nature


Success – Part of Artic Wilderness is Safe

Arctic Victory –  Two Thumbs UP!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 1:08 PM 
“This prestine area of Alaska, home to more than one million migratory birds, the legendary Teshekpuk Lake caribou herd, and the threatened polar bear will remain undisturbed by toxic oil and gas development for at least another decade.

‘Thanks to years of court battles by NRDC and the tireless activism of tens of thousands of online, NRDC and the thousands of people online like you just won an important interim victory in our long-term campaign to block Big Oil from drilling in Alaska’s spectacular Western Arctic Reserve, one of NRDC’s
endangered BioGems.’

Thanks to your support, most of the Teshekpuk Lake region — one of the most important tundra-wetland ecosystems left on our planet — will not be opened to oil and gas development for at least 10 years.

This victory is particularly sweet because we fended off the Bush Administration’s plan to hand over this natural treasure to Big Oil before it leaves office next January. Thanks to years of court battles by NRDC and the tireless activism of tens of thousands of online activists like you, we did it!. Next, we will focus our campaign on Congress, in support of legislation to permanently protect this world-class wildlife habitat.

In the meantime, this home to more than one million migratory birds, the legendary Teshekpuk Lake caribou herd, and the threatened polar bear will remain undisturbed by toxic oil and gas development for at least another decade.

Together, we succeeded in stopping the industrialization of this magnificent Arctic wilderness — and that’s a victory for nature that is well worth celebrating.”

Frances Beinecke, President Natural Resources Defense Council

TWO THUMBS UP! Thanks -Mother Nature

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