Endangered species -we win round 1

Victory for nature and endangered species – We did it!

Round One is ours

The Bears and Wolves still need our help before May 10, 2009

Young brown bear rolling in the grasses

Young brown bear rolling in the grasses

On April 28, 2009, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced that they were reinstating the consultation provision under the Endangered Species Act.

Their decision requires federal agencies to once again consult with federal wildlife experts at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before taking any action that may affect threatened or endangered species.

Congress granted the Obama administration a special 60-day period to repeal two last-minute Bush administration rule changes.The other ruling under consideration restricts protections for the polar bear. Secretary Salazar has until May 10th to use the

protect theri right to play and live free

protect theri right to play and live free

congressional authority to expedite the repeal of the polar bear rule.

All of us will continue to support and encourage the Obama Administration to restore protections for our nation’s wildlife and wild places.

wolf communicationSo many more changes need to be put in place to strengthen endangered species programs and reinstate scientific integrity in environmental protections.
Thanks to all those that worked so hard to make this victory a reality.

Join with us today StopExtinction.org

Excerpts courtesy of www.StopExtinction.org

Image 1.young bear courtesy of google.com & ratemyscreensaver.com

Image 2. playful polar bear cub courtesy of firstpeople.us

“Cheetahs purr but never roar”

Cheetahs are the purr-fect cat

Cheetahs Acinonyx jubatus are unique cats not solely for their speed.

Cheetahs can purr while they run and recline.

Cheetahs are unable to roar like other big cats like the lions.

Cheetah resting on Serengeti Plains

Cheetah resting on Serengeti Plains

The purring sound can be a comfort sound, a contented sound or even a warning to stay out of my way when I am pursuing prey. The sound is created by a signal from the brain to the cheetah’s voice box. This nerve signal causes the muscles of voice box apparatus to vibrate or move rapidly when air is forced over them. This rapid flow of air passing over the muscles creates a valve effect, which opens and closes the area rapidly creating the purring sound. (You can listen to one purring in the video below.)

For more information from Nature’s Crusaders’ library on cheetahs click.

Save the Cheetah plan to WALK/RUN for the CHEETA 2010

Help the cheetahs today Cheetah.org. Thank you.

Run to save the cheetah.

Plan to Race for the cheetah 2010 so they can continue to run in the wild



Check out the latest on Cheetah Conservation Funds research Cheetah.org


Excerpts courtesy of howstuffworks.com

Excerpts courtesy of wikipedia.com Cheetah

Image of cheetah resting courtesy of wikipedia.org Serengeti_Cheetah2


For the love of our wildlife, oceans and forests act now

Killer whales may go extinct

Killer whales may go extinct

Let our voices be heard before May 10, 2009

We can do it!

Please sign and send your message encouraging Interior Secretary Salazar to reverse the Bush administration last minute legislation on endangered species.

Before leaving office, the Bush administration acting under a “fire sale” mentality issued sweeping changes to the Endangered Species Act which in effect weakened protections for endangered wildlife, including polarpolar-bear-coaxing-baby bears, wolves

and whales

In March President Obama signed a spending bill that allows Secretary Salazar to overturn President Bush’s last-minute changes to the Endangered Species Act regulations as well as a separate rule that weakens Endangered Species Act protections for polar bears.

The Obama administration must act by May 10th, and opponents of the Endangered Species Act are working hard to convince Secretary Salazar that he should not withdraw these rules. Urge Secretary Salazar to withdraw the Endangered Species Act regulations and polar bear rule.


We need everyone’s help that loves our wildlife, oceans and forests.

Send a message right away urging Secretary Salazar to withdraw the Bush administration’s last-minute Endangered Species Act regulations and polar bear rule under the authority granted by President Obama and Congress.


Excerpts courtesy of NRDCONLINR.org

Image 1 killer whale courtesy of Reallynatural.com

Image 2. Polar bears courtesy NationalGeographic.com

Image 3. courtesy of Geocities.com

Let our voices be heard before May 10, 2009

“Endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtle flown from England to USA after healing”

Kemp’s Ridley Turtle readied for flight home.

Kemp's Ridley turtle going home again

Kemp's Ridley turtle going home again

You know your a valuable celebrity when you have healed and your care takers give you a free plane ride across the Atlantic with a loving escort.

That is what happened to a very special endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtle this week. This Traveling Turtle named Willy620px-padre_island_national_seashore_-_kemps_ridley_sea_turtle was washed up on the Devon, England shores about two years ago and needed some medical attentions. So some loving caretakers at Weymouth Sea Life Center tube-fed her vitamin-enriched fish soup to nursed her back to health and escorted her home to USA.

Willy will spend a month at a turtle rescue center on Topsail Island, North Carolina, USA before being returned to the wild.

-Lucky for this endangered critter and her gene pool that no one person or animal felt the need for turtle soup.!


Excerpts and Image 1. courtesy of news.bbc.co.uk

Image 2. courtesy of Wikipedia Kemp’s Ridley

“Trained falcons in demand for plane protection?”

Over all it is cheap protection.

Brown falcon

Brown falcon

Take the time to train the falcons to protect their new territory and migratory bids learn to stay away. It is not a quick fix, but it works. Birds flying into a falcon’s new territory is fair game for the falcon’s next meal

East, West and Midwest airports may be protected in the future by these beautiful birds of prey.

Known for their hunting prowess, high speed and ability to change direction rapidly, adult falcons thin tapered wings propel their bodies to dive at speeds and to change direction rapidly. One species of falcon has been clocked at of 200 miles per hour (322 km/hr).

Peregrine Falcons have been recorded diving at speeds of 200 miles per hour (322 km/hr), making them the fastest-moving creatures on Earth.


Excerpts Video courtesy of Youtube.com

Video and excerpts courtesy of National Geographic/ngadventure.typepad.com

Image brown falcon courtesy of wikimedia.org

“Autopsy results indicate 21 polo horses died of lung hemorrhages”

Messing with Biodyl a performance enhancing supplement formula

seems to be the culprit in the deaths of 21 polo horses in Florida last weekend.

Healthy polo pony
Healthy polo pony

Autopsy results seem to indicate 21 Wellington polo ponies died from complications

before their tournament causing the lungs to hemorrhaging and pulmonary edema.

The supplement was mixed in correctly in the pharmacy and altered under a vet’s recommendation. Two problems 1) altering any drug without FDA approval in this country is against the law and 2) this supplement is not sanctioned in the US. Horses treated with the compound became sick and died within 3 hours of treatment


Excerpts courtesy of NYTimes nytimes.com/othersports/24polo.

Excerpts courtesy of Dead Wellington polo horses had hemorrhaging lungs – BANDREW ABRAMSON
Palm Beach Post Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Image courtesy of whats-on-magazine.com brightlingpolo2.jpg

“Go leatherbacks go-the great Race begins”

Eastern leatherback race

Eastern leatherback race

Eleven lucky leatherback turtles are beginning their race across the Pacific from their feeding grounds in Canada to their breeding grounds in the Carribean. Below is the time tested route they will take. These turtles have tracking devices and human coaches!


The Great Turtle Race begins again!
Thursday, April 16th, 2009
Support your favorite turtle

Donate what you can today.

Thank you.

These migration has taken place annually for 100 million years.Leatherbacks are endangered and protected as they travel their ancient pathway back to their breed sites in the sunny beaches of Costa Rica and . These ancient giants of the sea are the largest, deepest-diving, widest-ranging of all turtles, the leatherback has enduredLeatherbacks have the longest migrations between breeding and feeding areas of not just sea turtles, but all marine vertebrates.

For more turtle news click.


Excerpts and map courtesy of Conservation.orgOpportunities for Conservation “

Image courtesy of News.nationalgeographic.com turtle-swim

“Cheetahs running free or seen only in art works?-your choice”

Run to save the cheetah’s from extinction.

Do not let your children see cheetahs as images in art books.

Cheetahs pull  chariot

Cheetahs pull chariot

In Titian’s painting Bacchus and Ariadne (1523), the Bacchus’s chariot is drawn by cheetahs. These majestic animals were used as hunting-animals in Renaissance Italy In the painting,

Bacchus, god of wine, emerges with his followers from the landscape to the right. Falling in love with Ariadne on sight, he leaps from his chariot, drawn by two cheetahs, towards her. Ariadne had been abandoned on the Greek island of Naxos by Theseus, whose ship is shown in the distance. The picture shows her initial fear of Bacchus, but he raised her to heaven and turned her into a constellation, represented by the stars above her head.

Help save the cheetahs at Cheetah.org

For more information from Nature’s Crusaders’ library on cheetahs click.

Save the Cheetah plan to WALK/RUN for the CHEETA 2010

Help the cheetahs today Cheetah.org. Thank you.

Run to save the cheetah.

Race for the cheetah so they can continue to run in the wild



Race for the cheetah 2010 so they can continue to run in the wild

Join us today.

DONATE PLEASE at Cheetah.org.

Thank you



Excerpts courtesy of experiencefestival.com Cheetah-Cheetahs in art and literature

Image courtesy of rbvhs.vusd.k12.ca.us bacchusariadne.jpg

Snake + toxic toad = a deadly duo

Snake stores toxic toad pison in neck glands

Snake stores toxic toad pison in neck glands

Most snakes are born with poisonous bites they use for defense. But what can non-poisonous snakes do to ward off predators?

This snake Rhabdophis tigrinus eats poisonous toads for lunch and stores their toxins in its neck to kill other invertebrates and to protect itself from attack.

It is rare that a nonpoisonous invertebrate vertebrate can sequester toxins especially from vertebrate prey, A snake that’s dependent on a diet of toads for chemical defense is highly unusual.

It is found Found in eastern Russia North and South Korea, China Taiwan, Vietnam and in Japan.


Colored olive-drab green with black stripes and bright orange stripes from the neck down the first third of the body. The belly is whitish. It blends nicely into its surroundings on the forest floor. Its small size allows it to slither undetected to surprise its prey of small invertebrates, toads, frogs and mice. The average length is usually 60-100 cm (2to 3.3 ft).

To defend itself the snake will arch its’ neck to show off those toxin filled glands to warn predators not to mess with it. These toxins come from eating the toxic toad pictured below.

Toxic toad partner

Toxic toad partner

Now there are six toxins, according to researchers, that have been isolated from the snake’s venom that may hold promise for people suffering from hypertension and related blood pressure disorders.


Excerpts courtesy of ScienceDaily.com Nonvenomous Asian Snakes ‘Borrow’ Defensive Poison From Toxic Toads ScienceDaily January. 31, 2007.

Excerpts courtesy of wikipedia.org Rhabdophis_tigrinus

Image 1. courtesy of natural -japan.net

Image 2. courtesy of whyfiles.org shorties/226snake_toad

Image 3. courtesy of http://www.rsc.org chemistryworld/News/2007/January/30010701.asp

21 polo horses die suddenly before race

healthy polo horses

healthy polo horses

The sudden death of 21 healthy Venezuelan owned horses before a polo match in Florida this weekend is the stuff novels are written about. However vets say that the collapse of healthy polo horses has to have been caused by a toxin in their food, tainted food, vitamins, supplements, water or…?

It appears that the toxin or poison has caused sudden cardiac arrest or make the heart suddenly stop. It may take weeks to find the actual poison that has caused this terrible “I’ve been in practice 50 years,” Dr. James Belden told The Palm Beach Post. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”


Animals in the News AOLNews.com

The Palm Beach Post / ZUMA

Image courtesy of s.bebo.com

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