“The ghost of Otter past”

If ever there was an animal with a personality much bigger than its body, it must be the endangered Southern California sea otter. This animal is the coastal equivalent to the honey bee in its  importance in keeping the balance of plant and animal life in its’ environment.

Now why anyone would get a thrill out of killing this helpless young female?  Late one June 2010 morning, a young female sea otter was likely swimming and playing in kelp beds off Morro Bay, California. was shot to the head.

southern sea otter

Did anyone see this shooting take place?  Your information would be kept condidential, but killing endangered species is a crime agsinst society and Mother Nature.

Please donate today to help us catch this heartless thrill seeker and save the lives of other threatened sea otters like this young female and protect other wildlife struggling to survive.

Take action for otters taking many directions

The good news is otters are recovering and are moving south into their old stomping grounds along the coast of California. The challenging news is they are moving south. Seems no one told them that they are entering a no otter swim zone established by the US Fish and Wildlife Service has determined to be off limits to sea otters—this means they are not protected by the same laws that cover otters outside of the zone.

Range expansion is normal and necessary for sea otters. Their population cannot recover without it. The unnatural boundaries must be lifted.

Act NOW to end the no-otter zone by writing to Ken McDermond, acting director of the Service’s California and Nevada Operations Office, and request that a FINAL ruling on the no-otter zone be published immediately.

Please sign this letter for the otters’ sake today.Thank you.” – Mother Nature


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