“Welcome to the GreenPeacer’s Great Boulder Drop ’09”

Protecting the cod fish of Kattegat Sound, has motivated a frustrated Greenpeace alliance to sink 1to 3 ton boulders in the Sound on Monday. This they figure will not only protect the depleted fish and fauna, but allow them to recover without hurting the environment. ThIs also puts a lid on trawling off Sweden’s coastal bays seems that the Swedish government is not keen on this project.

Saving the cod

Saving the cod

The flora and fauna of the seabed like the reeds, sandbanks, seabirds, corals, algae forests and fish need protection from bottom trawling, which rips up the sea bottom and harms the maritime environment.

The area of theGreat Boulder Drop '09

The area of theGreat Boulder Drop '09

The boulders are to be sunk in zones classified as Natura 2000 in the Lilla Middelgrund 179 square kilometers (70 square miles) and Flauden 104 square kilometers (40 square miles) areas into two protected areas in the Kattegat sound that separates the Swedish and Danish mainlands.

Excerpts courtesy of Seeddaily.com/GreenpeacetosinkboulderstostemtrawlingoffSweden

Map courtesy of EOsnap.com/2009/05/denmark/20090512-denmark1-full.jpg

Image courtesy of Frs-scotland.gov.uk/Uploads/Images/Cod1.jpg


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